The Top 10 Reasons to Hire
Tracy "Boom Boom" Britton


1. I am a natural leader – very comfortable being in charge – and I am also a nice boss. I have never seen a reason to yell or demean people on my crew or cast. The more people trust and respect you – the better, harder, and faster they are going to work – and enjoy doing it! By nature I have an easygoing style and men like working with me as I am easily considered “one of the guys.” At the same time, I love to promote and work with women.

2. My first entertainment “job” was as an Actor – (since I was 6 years old)  so I LOVE actors and really know how to communicate with them.  Because of this – I have a long standing reputation as an “ACTOR’S DIRECTOR.”  It’s my job to create a space where they can feel safe and relaxed enough to bring their “best of their best” to the set.

3. As a Director - I think like an editor- always aware of, “How am I going to cut this?
I always get lots of coverage – not lots of takes.  Editors LOVE me for this!

4. As a Writer – I think like an actor – “How can I make each role – no matter how small – add to the story and make for a special moment onscreen?” My dialogue is strong and my writing has a distinct voice – while I know that often – less is more.

5. But, coming from low budget features, I am ALWAYS aware of production costs and I know how to cut corners (both as a writer and director) without sacrificing quality. I WILL SAVE YOU MONEY!

6. I do my homework and am very prepared. I work fast and I am funny. We have a great time on my sets! We laugh – a lot!

7.  I am a facile & experienced screenwriter, so I can make changes quickly and can cut and/or add scenes and lines as needed. This has proven over the years to be one of best and most valuable assets to my producers while shooting and under the gun.

8.  I am very good at: ACTION and LOVE SCENES. I am not the least bit intimidated by Violence or Sex scenes.  People call me “BOOM BOOM" BRITTON because I love to blow things up!  I am crazy for cars and very comfortable with guns (I am a great shot!). And actors have always told me I make them feel very safe and relaxed doing nudity and sensual loves scenes.

9.  POST PRODUCTION – I love it! I am very good at post-editing sound, music, and even titles and trailers. So much magic is created when the shooting is done and you get to put all the pieces together.

10.  Finally - People like working with me because I do not have any kind of ego issues. Film and TV are HUGELY collaborative and I am very much a team player and give credit where credit is due to anyone and everyone who contributes to the making of a film or TV show.  I LISTEN. It takes many hard long hours to make it happen and the result of focused creative work of many, many people to make it all come together – but being a director is the best and most exciting job in the world, and I am thrilled each and every time I get the opportunity to bring a story to the screen!