Presently, Tracy is in negotiations for her original feature film script - MICKEY FLANAGAN - a wonderful, heartwarming family film about the SPECIAL OLYMPICS that she will direct on location in Toronto, Canada.

Tracy is also in negotiations with Steve Whitney; the producer of AMITYVILLE HORROR and HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT for her HORROR film, THE THICKET, a Steven King-ish coming of age story set in a small Texas town in 1962.

Tracy plans to cast Country stars like TIM McGRAW, FAITH HILL, TOBY KEITH, DWIGHT YOAKUM, and REBA McENTIRE.  She will executive produce the soundtrack with original music by various Country artists. This is sure to be a Halloween or Summer HIT!

Her tense, tight drama script: LOVE BLIND MONEY is her "SUNDANCE" style film in the vein of MONSTER, WINTERS' BONE, BOYS DON'T CRY, FROZEN RIVER, and MONSTER'S BALL.  Tracy is very excited about directing this film on location in rural Louisiana.

Premiere of First Feature at the Academy

And being a big fan of Sacha Baron Cohen and Christopher Guest – Tracy has created a darkly funny, irreverent mockumentary 15 MINUTES OF FAME.  For this highly improvisational film (a la the hugely successful BAD GRANDPA and BORAT) She wrote, produced and directed a teaser/ trailer with some of the best new comedic actors around today.  BIG FUN!

Tracy's experience as an actress, singer, dancer, and choreographer in over 30 musicals makes her particularly perfect for projects involving music and movement.  Currently she is writing an exciting, new musical film; YELLOW ROSE - collaborating with incredible composer Dennis Poore.  It is packed with original hot Salsa, R&B, Country, and pop music. 
This rockin, rollin' production is a cross between FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.  There is already big buzz on this unique, fast paced, exciting film which will appeal to a very large, diverse family audience, with it's incredibly catchy, foot tapping soundtrack.


Television is going through an enormous "Golden Age" explosion now with the freedom and envelope pushing of cable networks – the sky seems to be the limit for edgy, gripping writing, and now more than ever – TV is a fantastic place to be for writer directors with a strong unique voice.  Tracy has written edgy dark comedies and dramas custom made for this new era of fantastic Television!

Tracy with Vilmos Zsigmond at the DGA Awards

Tracy has recently written and created a fast paced Teen Action series about underground car racing called FAST LANES which is being pitched to various networks and garnering a lot of buzz.

And most lately "Boom Boom" has been in meetings at SHOWTIME, HBO and coming up at STARZ with her new sexy, secret Female driven crime drama show.  This show has a unique twist and although almost impossibly true – this has never before been seen on Television!