Tracy has been dubbed "BOOM BOOM" Britton by the FX & Stunt Departments for her fearlessly fast action-packed style, and is best known for getting exciting and honest performances from her actors. Whether it's a car chase, gun battle, sensual love scene, or dance number - Tracy creates the tone and pace that best fits the project. She loves it all.

Ms. Britton has known since the age of six, that she wanted to make movies - to entertain people with original, unique, exciting, thought provoking, and inspiring stories. She was the kid on the block who was always gathering up the other kids to "Make a Show" for all the other families and friends.  
Laughter was her magic ingredient!

She is absolutely fantastic working with kids, even those who have never been on a set before.  Many producers have taken to calling her "the KID WHISPERER"!

As a child actress, singer and dancer she appeared in 22 shows before the age of 20, got a degree in Theater and Film Directing and moved to Hollywood where she was immediately hired as a staff writer at CBS through her first TV movie script.

It is a difficult road for female directors – they are often overlooked for male directors with far less experience – but this has not deterred Tracy from her constant focus and dedication and passion for her craft.

Her experience as an actress has served her well - as she loves working with actors and is known as an "ACTORS DIRECTOR".

Directing BAYWATCH

Tracy got her first break as a director of a low budget action film MAXIMUM BREAKOUT – which she made for only 65 thousand dollars. Though it went straight to video it has grossed to date over
8 million dollars worldwide. (Not a bad investment!)

From that first feature Tracy Britton jumped into TV directing for FOX with its faster pace – and directed shows like AMERICA'S MOST WANTED, BEYOND BELIEF for Dick Clark, MELROSE PLACE, and the FOX pilots SCARY PLANET, and NORTH OF MONTANA.

She was the first and only female EVER - to direct BAYWATCH NIGHTS and BAYWATCH - the number one grossing TV show of all time. 

She is well liked and well respected and has terrific communication skills. Cast and crews love working with her.

Tracy is known for coming in on time and on budget and is excellent with postproduction and soundtracks.

She says: "Film is an incredible universal language that touches and reaches people the world over. I am utterly passionate about Movies and Television, and creating a family like atmosphere on the set.  Being a director is the most challenging and fun job in the world!"


"Tracy is a warm, loyal. passionate person. And it is evident from her work. She is very comfortable on the set, joyous even, and there is a true commitment to the endeavor. Tracy directed two Spiritclips. Both are outstanding - emotional, true, and powerful. On the set, Tracy had a clear point of view. And she had a respectful relationship with the crew, the cast and, most importantly, the producers."